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By Amy, Dec 9 2015 12:00AM

Without a shadow of a doubt, you will have a more enjoyable time when visiting Thailand if you make at least a basic attempt at a few words and phrases, the locals will really appreciate it. Thai can be complex with five different tones, but it’s best not to worry about those for now and just try your best with the phrases below. Bear in mind that at the end of a polite sentence, Thai men use the polite particle “khrap” whilst women say “ka”. Also, the word for “me/I” is “pom” for a man and “chan” for a woman.

Another thing to remember is that when Thai is transliterated into English, it is rarely pronounced as written, therefore I have included phonetic transliterations in parentheses as well to help you. It is definitely worth downloading some translation apps on your phone to help you if you get stuck. Also bear in mind that the consonants r and l can be fluid and sound very much like one another when a Thai person is speaking.

The key thing is not to be shy and give the phrases a go, you might not get it right first time but the effort will be greatly appreciated!

Hello – Sawasdee Khrap (sa-wat-dee kap)

How are you? - Sabaidee mai (sa-bai-dee my)

What is your name? - Chuu alai khrap (chew a-lai kap)

My name is… - Chuu kawng pom…. (chew kong pom…)

No problem! - Mai bpen rai khrap (my pen rai kap)

Go to the airport please – Bai sanambin khrap (by sa-nam-bin kap)

Eat – gin (prounced with a hard “g”, sounds like kin)

Drink – duum (pronounced with your tongue at the bottom of your mouth and your mouth smiling not puckering)

Smoke a cigarette – Suup buri (soup bull-ee)

I am Italian – Pom bpen kon italien (pom pen kon ita-li-en)

You are very beautiful – Khun suay maak (koon sue-aye mark)

How much? - Tao rai (tau lai?)

Would you like a drink? - Khun yaak duum mai (koon yak doom my)

Where is the toilet? - Hawng nam yoo tii nai khrap (hong nam you tee nye kap)

I prefer ladies with large breasts – Pom chawp puying num yai (pom chorp poo-ying noom yai)

I like older ladies – Pom chawp puying gae (pom chorp poo-ying gair)

I would like two ladies – Ao song puying khrap (ao song poo-ying kap)

Am I handsome to you? - Pom law mai (pom law my)

My hotel is the Hyatt – Rong raem kong pom bpen Hyatt (low-ng lairm kong pom pen Hyatt)

I am hungry – Pom hiu khao (pom hew cow)

I am drunk – Pom mao (pom mao (mao sounds like cow))

I want to go home – Yaak bai glap baan (yak bai ga-barn)

I like Thailand very much – Pom chawp bprathet Thai maak maak (pom chorp ba-tait Thai mark mark)

Would you like to come to my hotel? - Yaak bai rong raerm kong pom mai (yak bai low-ng lairm kong pom my)

Can I meet you tomorrow? - Prungni pom pobgan khun dai mai (pung-nii pom pob-gan koon die my)

Do you have email? - Mii email mai (me email my)

You are a lot of fun – Khun sanuk maak (koon sa-nook mark)

By Amy, Sep 8 2015 12:00AM

If you’re new to Phuket Platinum Escorts escorts, or have simply never used an escort service before, you may be feeling an anxious mix of nerves and excitement. The truth is, there is absolutely no need to feel nervous, but every reason to feel excited about the amazing experience which lies ahead.

We fully understand that not everyone is a season professional, and what may be routine for some can be an anxious experience for other, especially when you are not sure who or what to expect. So here at Phuket Platinum Escorts we want to put your mind to rest with our first timer’s guide to using a Phuket escort service:

Choose the right hotel

First things first, if you’re going to take escorts to your Phuket hotel room you need to make sure you’ve book a hotel which is Escort friendly and allows you to take girls to your room without adding on extra charges.

Fortunately, many Phuket hotels are Escort friendly and will allow you to have multiple guests to you room. Please refer to our guide to Escort Friendly Hotels in Phuket for more information.

Our Escorts are extremely experienced in meeting first timer customers and always dress and act very discreetly when entering and leaving hotels and apartments.

Decide what you want

One way to make sure you get the most out for you firs Phuket Escort experience is to know what you want. If you have any specific acts or requests, or even have a strong idea of how you want your escort to dress (in lingerie or a naughty schoolgirl uniform), don’t hesitate to tell us in advance so we can make sure you get exactly what you want.

Many first timers tend to be very shy and aren’t open about what they want, or even fail to tell us because they are nervous. Believe me, we have heard and arranged everything before and we are totally unshockable. We are not interested in judging our customers, we simply want to make you happy, so please do tell us your desires so that we can make sure you get the experience you are looking for.

Choose the right girl

Most first timers tend to browse our website, look at the pictures, and decide which girl they want without reading the details. While it is a very good idea to decide which girls you find most attractive, it’s also very important to be flexible and have an open mind, and make sure you look carefully at what the girl you like will and will not do.

When you book your escort and tell us which girl(s) you like, also let us know the type services you want, so that we can insure that your first choice of girl can perform for you. If we know the kind of girl you like and what you want to do we may be able to make a better suggestion.

Looks and attraction are obviously very important in order to have a great first experience, but chemistry is equally important. If you are looking for specific services such as anal or domination but you select a girl who doesn’t specialize in either, we will be sure to let you know and make alternative suggestions for you based on your requirements. If you simple book a girl without telling us more details you may end up disappointed, not getting what you want.

Take it slowly

Most importantly, you need to relax and enjoy the experience. Trust us when we say you’re going to have an amazing time. Our girls are extremely first time friendly, and they will know how to make you feel relaxed and comfortable.

Once the booking starts the time is yours, you can start by having a few drinks and friendly conversation, or maybe you’d prefer to let our escorts give you a sensual massage to ease your tension and get you in the mood (some of our girls are fully trained in erotic Nuru massage!). And when you do feel ready for action, things will get wet and wild!

Book with confidence

We firmly believe that the key to having a great first experience is communication, preparation, and finding the right girl. We pride ourselves on our customer services and will do everything we can to insure you get the right girl and everything goes to plan. If we know you are nervous and it is your first experience, we will make sure to send you someone who is newbie friendly and will know exactly how to ease your nervous and give you a night of pleasure you’ll never forget!

By Amy, Aug 16 2014 08:00AM


+66 937 685 198 / phuketescorts11@gmail.com

So here is how it works. You go to their site and you pick out a girl. If it’s 9PM on a Friday night be sure to pick a backup or two just in case your first choice is working. Then give them a call and as long as your hotel or condo is in Phuket, the girl will be there quickly and within an hour worst case if she’s available. She’ll stay with you for a full 2 hours in which case you can do what you need to do TWICE for 5,500 baht. Now that might sound expensive compared to a bg charging you 1,500, but let me explain why it’s worth it.

1) Quality - They have some hot girls, no question about it. No way can you find girls like that in a bar. Some of the best GoGo’s and Coyote bars have dancers in the same league, but it’s no sure thing and you’re certainly not going to save any money.

2) The experience- Look at the services the girls offer by clicking on their profile picture. Most of them offer everything. They’re not playing the “oh I shy” game either. They’re giving you the very best they can.

3) The convenience - Again, you make a phone call, hop in the shower, have a beer, and the girl of your choice is at your door with a smile. Also great if you have a gf or wife and you want privacy. And ideal if you just got in from the airport or are flying out the following morning.

4) The options - We have a different SPECIAL or PROMOTION every month, just see our RATES & SERVICES PAGE, for some of the best experiences you will ever have.

By Amy, Jan 16 2014 07:00AM

Many escort agencies have been sprouting up in Thailand like mushrooms because of its huge clientele base in this part of the world. Bangkok specifically is popular for its thriving sex industry thus it got the title as “Sin City of Asia”. Aside from its much-talked about red light districts, escort services is very much in business specifically in Bangkok, Pattaya, Phuket, Koh Samui and Hua Hin. These areas are also popularly known for their beaches that have heavy influx of tourists both local and foreign.

While escort agencies compete to get as many clients for their sexy and professional escorts, only a few can be considered reliable and having a pool of high class escorts who are perfect companions for any occasion whether official or unofficial.

This is what Phuket Platinum Excorts is particularly proud of, it simply the best Escort Agency in Phuket, perhaps even in Thailand.We are responsive to its clients’ every need and fantasy. Its sexy girls and ladies are top of the line and can be readily booked at anytime. So whether you are in Bangkok, Pattaya, Phuket, Koh Samui or Hua Hin, all you have to do is just call the agency or book online and the girl of your choice will be right at your doorstep as expected.

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