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By guest, Nov 24 2016 08:02AM


Sep 14 2014 10:25PM by mark

I already had met Allice 6 month ago on a previous visit to Thailand. . After a few days in Bangkok, I had had a few hotties but I kept thinking about havingu another blowjob session with Allice, I called Saruttaya, she was available and send Allice visited me in my hotel room a few hours later in the afternoon. I didn't regret it at all, she took the greatest care of me, and left me so exhausted I didn't have any sexual activity until the next evening. She's got experience, she made so many cock come she knows exactly what you need. But what is unique with her is her caracter, she truely Know how to do with your cock

Sep 14 2014 10:40PM by Roberto

She showed up on time. good looking, nicely dressed. i know there have been many positive reviews, she needs no more, but her service is excellent, so i feel i have to review her. very nice, clean, common sense, eager to understand your needs, sense of humor, good companion. we had a great weekend together, will look for her definitely next time i will be in phuket. all in one, a great experience with sweety and naughty Ice.

Sep 23 2014 02:00PM by Bob

Coco has been driving my wife to the heaven as I never ever saw herself.... she has a lot of experience in threesome, we felt that as soon as she came inside our hotel room, licking the pussy of my wife untill she cum 6 times in that night, after that she still have enough power to suck my dick knowing exactly what she has to do.
Really top about experience and about great job. Will repeat for sure as soon as we back to phuket.

Sep 23 2014 04:38PM by Tommy

I have been at hotel in Patong last wekeend, after check the gallery i didnt have any doubt about Jane is the hottiest looks in this web, Im sure I was not wrong, 2 hours after send a call she came to my room at hotel.. It was my best day in patong, i expect do some of my fantasies with her but i didnt need to ask for.... what she made to me was more than i ever expected...especially the way that she made me cum, will take longer get it back. I Just can say ...Amayzing Jane

Aug 31 2015 01:25PM by Andrew

Excellent! Surely the best Escort Agency I have ever tried. Great service from booking to getting back to the airport, lovely girls and great management. Thank you for all, I will see you again soon!

Dec 18 2015 12:49PM by James Turner

I had an absolutely fabulous weekend with Bowie and Leila, thank you so much for everything Saruttaya! Booking ran as smooth as anything from start to finish, I highly recommend Platinum Escorts to anyone looking for escorts in Phuket.

Feb 3 2016 06:51AM by Hans Gunter

Wow..WoW ..Wow.. I cant wait to be back again.. Great service, great girls. Thank you Saruttaya and a special thank you to the lovely Leila and Nana

Till next time

Feb 5 2016 06:15PM by Henry

The best Escort Agency I have so far tried in Phuket, if not in all of Thailand. Professional and discreet, no hassles and no fuss. Sure I will be back for more.

Apr 4 2016 06:39AM by Ahmad

Surely the best escorts in Phuket, I just spend a very good weekend time with Sonya, Jolie and Leila. They finsh me, wow.. I recommend to anyoone this agency. Very good service start to finish. Big big finish many time :)

Apr 9 2016 02:58PM by Matthew

The best escorts in Phuket, without a doubt and I have tried most of them. Well done Phuket Platinum Escorts, I am impressed!

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