The Benefits of becoming a VIP member.

4 ways to become a VIP:


  * Girl entered you into the program:

       This is the most common way people get into this program.  If you’ve seen one of the girls before, and they enjoyed their time with you, they probably already referred you for inclusion into the VIP program and you are already a VIP and have been getting VIP service ever since and you might not even know it!

      * Friend Referred you:

       We get a lot of friends who refer their other friends or co-workers to us.  If a friend who is a VIP refers you, all you have to do is provide us with their complete name and email address and we’ll assume they must have referred you.  We will need a complete name so we know you didn’t just get their email from some review they left us somewhere.

       Warning though, if for any reason you get kicked out of the VIP Program, the friend that referred you gets kicked out too!  So be careful who you refer!

      * $100 USD VIP Fee

       If you haven’t previously met any of us before, but want to be entered into the program, you can pay a $100 USD  to be immediately entered into the program.  

       *Remember, VIPs don’t pay cancellation fees, so even if you have to cancel your booking, we won’t charge you a fee and will refund all of your $100 the next time you schedule and see a girl even if it’s a different girl.

       If any emergency and the girl cancels, we will give the VIP the option of selecting another girl.  They can also select to see no one this time and remain in the VIP program for another date or exit the program and have their $100 returned in full.

Benefits of being a VIP:


 *  Priority email support:

       We get A LOT of email and while we generally do answer all in a timely manner, VIPs get their emails answered first before other emails.

  * Get taken seriously:

       We try to take all potential clients seriously, but unfortunately there are a lot of people out there with just too much time on their hands   who just want to waste our time.  Don’t get insulted but it’s impossible for us to tell apart those who are serious from those who are not unless they are VIPs.

  * Priority Booking:

       We sometimes have several booking forms for the same girl for the same day.  VIPs get first choice of the available girls.

       If a girl isn’t available because it’s her day off, many will agree to see a VIP.

       If a girl is scheduled with another client who is “not” a VIP, the VIPs booking takes priority even if sent after the regular clients booking    


  * Guaranteed booking:

       Once we have confirmed your booking request, you can rest assured we won’t cancel unless a real emergency which is unlikely to


  * Airport Greeting:

       If desired, the girl will greet you at the airport when you arrive.  Regular clients can only request a hotel meeting.

   *Extended hours for meeting:

       The girl will meet you at any time you want… 09:00 morning?  02:00 morning?  No problem, any time you want.  Regular clients are usually limited to initial meetings after 12:00 noon and until 24:00 midnight.  Before noon and after midnight the girls probably won’t agree to meet you for initial meetings unless you are a VIP.

  * Incall:

       We normally only do outcall, but for VIPs only we are available for incall.

       Available in Bangkok & Phuket only.

       Add 1,000 baht to the rate for incall as you will be compensating us for maintaining a VIP incall room.

  * Change Girls:

       If you’ve scheduled a girl and later see another girl at our site and would like to change, no problem.  We will take care of it and we guarantee the first girl will not be upset.  We are often adding new girls so this is a nice option to have.

   *Free Cancellations:

       We don’t like cancellations for any reason and thus we request 1,000 baht cancellation fees per scheduled day from clients if they cancel.  Even if they cancel because their “mother is sick”…like we haven’t heard that line 100+ times already!  VIPs can cancel “because of emergency” or trip cancellation without any problem–you won’t be requested to pay anything.

How to become a VIP.

Specials for VIP'S Only!

 *If you book more than a week, you can change girls at will, and get a second girl ( double) free of charge for the  last night for 2 hours..


*Specials om parties, as many girls as you want... please call us to determine price, but it will be well below regular rate!


*Special rates for trips, holidays, cruises and discounts at luxyry hotels...


And  much, much more.. get your VIP card today and reap the benefits you deserve!!



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